Big Data Challenges into Smart
Data Solutions

At AI Zone, we specialize in the precise tagging, labeling, and annotating of extensive data sets, including images, videos, texts, and voice. This expertise supports high-tech companies and start-ups in refining their machine learning models, paving the way for sophisticated AI solutions and innovations across various sectors

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Data Operation to us - is everything

Data Annotation

Our medical teams, comprised of highly experienced medical students with prior project expertise, consistently provide top-quality data for specialized medical assignments.


Data Labeling

Our teams  boasts extensive experience in data labeling, expertly handling diverse datasets with precision, supporting advanced AI and ML projects across various industries with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Boutique Teams

Our boutique teams excel in personalized, targeted solutions, combining expertise and innovation to deliver exceptional, tailor-made services across data operations, AI, and high-tech project management.


About Us

AIzone is a division of Babcom Centers, A subsidiary of Matrix Company. 

AIzone is solely focused on AI training, bringing advanced AI-based technologies to fruition through rapid and efficient processes, with over 100 qualified and experienced trainers across the globe, based in Israel, South America, Central America and Africa.




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